Monday, 21 November 2016

Get Stage Go!
Everyone was running everywhere. Props in hand, costumes on shoulders, and boxes of jewellery clutched under the arm, the dance academy was preparing for a performance that had to be staged next week.
It was Ridha’s first show under Guru ji’s choreography. As it is she had stage fear, and on top of that, the pressure of Guru ji’s composition had made her a bundle of nerves.
Ridha went over her steps again and again until she started to forget them due to over-practicing. All the other dancers could read the tension on her face. And she could read resentment on theirs, because Guru ji had given her the lead spot.
Being on that wooden platform, illuminated with bright yellow light, wa a temptation Ridha could never resist.  But the dark expanse in front of the stage felt like an evil void that was waiting to suck her in. The million eyes staring towards her at once flattered the dancer, and scared her of criticism.
Next week was her ultimate test. Ridha hoped for the best, and prepared for the worst.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Spark of Spirituality 

Diwali was over, but it had left a deep impression on Ridha. One may think how difficult is it to dance in front of a clay idol adorned with flowers. However, Ridha knew that she had to search for faith in the deep recesses of her heart to be able to dance.

Guru ji called out her name in his deep voice. “Ridha, did you feel scared when you danced alone in front of the Goddess?”

“Was it so visible? Damn, I need to do something about my expressions. I mess it up every time I have a chance to impress Guru ji”, a tiny voice screamed inside her.

“Being nervous is normal because dancing for others is easy. But when you perform for a higher being, you lose your worldly motivations. Factors such as appreciation, fame, admiration, become meaningless. The only thing that drives you is complete love and surrender for that higher being."

“You speak of spirituality, Guru ji” She whispered. The gleam in his eyes said he had fanned a spark inside her. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

                             PART- 10

Lakshmi Pooja night. Traditionally on this day, one offers all that is precious to them to the Goddess. And she returns it back in multitude. Any other year she would be celebrating with her family, but today she was at her Dance Centre.

Guru ji had kept a special class. “But why on Diwali!” She thought.

“Hey Ridha! Come and place your ghughroos in the Pooja. It is about to start.” Her friend called out.
“Pooja? I thought we were going to have a class!” She was perplexed.

”As dancers, the most precious thing we have is our Ghunghroo, and our art. Surrender it to the Goddess and she shall bless you with abundance”. Saying that, Guru ji called the senior most student closer to the Goddess, and drew the curtain shut.

It was a solitary moment, guarded from the eyes of fellow dancers and even Guru ji. The student did a small dance sequence full of reverence and faith as an offering.

As students lined up in a queue, Ridha nervously waited for her turn.