Saturday, 17 September 2016

PART - 3

   How hard will it be to do a few steps in front her would-be Guru ji, Ridha thought.. But here she couldn’t bring her eyes to meet his gaze, the same man whom she looked at, transfixed when he performed. Was it her shyness, or fear? To have her potential as a dancer be recognized by him would mean bigger than any award for Ridha. But if he refused to accept her as a student, then, what?  
‘5..6..7..8..’ She mustered all the courage she had inside her and jerked her body into movement as the music began. When the familiar melody floated from the Sitar, she began to ease into the rhythm. The tempo quickly picked up pace, and she matched it with her graceful spins.

Ridha took a poised jump as the climax approached..

CRASH!!!! She landed with her face hitting the wooden floor, and a circle of students peering down at her, at the head of which was the man she wanted to impress.  

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