Saturday, 17 September 2016

PART - 1  

Shinjini Kulkarni
Deeply kohled eyes, waist length hair loosely put in place with a stick, silver bangles clattering on her right wrist, and a halter neck khadi kurta adorning a naturally slender figure; meet the dusky dancer Ridha. For the many nameless faces in the audience she was a self confident, strong, outgoing girl who was born to be in the limelight. But only the butterflies in her tummy knew how many times they fluttered before she took the centre stage.
Ridha did indeed love the stage, but only after she was off it. She longed to perform when she saw another speak authoritatively on the mic, but the moment before her own turn felt like a dark, nebulous cloud, hanging over her courage, her desire, her ambitions, and her strength.
Her relationship with the limelight was one of Love & Hate. But every time this alluring seducer called her onto the wooden path illuminated by yellow spotlights, the enchanted girl answered...

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