Saturday, 8 October 2016


TWENTY minutes, which felt like an eternity have passed and Ridha’s new friend is in no mood to slow down the speed of his footwork. She is exhausted now. Her calves and ankles are revolting against this agony being afflicted on them. What was I thinking? Why did I jump into practicing with this maniac? 

Forget it, I’II just stop’, she muttered to herself. Just as she was about slow down her footwork, he said “Did you notice? The tap of your feet is already beginning to sound different. If you practice hard enough, you can match it to a musical note”.

Dancers sing with their feet, their arms, their body. Just like how a guitarist tunes his guitar strings to match the correct note, we tune our feet to produce the right melody from our ghunghroo. The hand gestures, and facial expressions build upon that melody and decorate it like a singer’s taans and alaaps.

.......He spoke like a worshiper, and Ridha listened like a believer.

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